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The Mini Audit

A quick and actionable 15-minute video audit of your store. Find the biggest conversion stoppers and increase your sales.

very detailed, and helped me make a lot of changes

- Will

Perfect work done very quickly. Great communication, thanks Daniel!

- Cindy

Very good customer services, I liked the way he presented the video helped me with my store.

- Colin

Simple Hotjar Install Logo

The Essential Audit

An in-depth and actionable 1 hour video audit of your store. Learn about low-hanging fruit and more intricate ways of improving your store and gaining more money from your visitors.

Best for established eCommerce bunsinesses.

Awesome work! Very impressed! Will definitely have him do more work, if he's willing. Thank you, Daniel!!

- Casey

Some really insightful stuff Daniel! From a sellers perspective and a buyers perspective: VERY helpful! You earned that gold star! Best. this is a super good audit.

- Colin

Thanks Daniel! Was fast and very helpful and nice

- Lauren

+ 5 Stars are not enough! Daniel is a great developer, with an extensive experience and this was clear to me since the beginning when he understood immediately what I needed . I am very happy by the delivery which is perfect and by the way Daniel handled my request: in a kind, professional and caring way, just like if the website was his own. I hope to work with Daniel again as it was a true pleasure to work with him.

- Roberta

Professional and quick turn around. Highly reccomend!

- Kinson