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Simple Hotjar Install

Simple Hotjar Install allows you to easily install Hotjar on your Shopify store.

The app is simple, clean, and light-weight. The functionality is kept to a minimum to ensure efficient and quick workflows.

You can install Hotjar in under 2 minutes without having to change your theme code.

Go to the Shopify App Store to install the app on your store.

A note about our relationship to Hotjar

The Simple Hotjar Install app is in no way officially affiliated with Hotjar.

Simple Hotjar Install integrates the tracking code with your theme code so that data can be transferred to Hotjar. All functionality is provided by Hotjar.

Hotjar will bill you separately (unless you choose their free plan). Simple Hotjar Install will be billed through Shopify (at either $2.99/month or $29.99/year).

Installation Guide


1. Sign up for a Hotjar account at

This image shows Hotjar's homepage and points out where to sign up.

2. Enter your domain

This image shows the domain input field on Hotjar's website.

3. Copy the tracking code

This image shows the tracking code to copy from Hotjar's website.

4. Paste it into the Simple Hotjar Install app on your Shopify store.

This image shows the pasted tracking code in the Simple Hotjar Install app.

5. Click "Verify installation"

This might not show any results if you run a strong tracking-blocker. But usually the code should have been successfully installed anyway. You can with a different browser or by waiting a few days and seeing if recordings of your visitors have been made.

This image shows the verification screen in Hotjar.